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#Israel's War on Truth | Brainwash Update

Nov 22, 2012 0 comments

MUST WATCH: After Israel deliberately bombs RT's office in Gaza, Netanyahu's spokesperson makes veiled threats to RT for taking a side in the conflict. Apparently me giving Gaza fair coverage makes it OK to kill journalists?

International Protests Against Operation Pillar of Cloud on #Gaza


Names of Martyrs in #Israeli attacks on #Gaza

Nov 21, 2012 0 comments

Names of Martyrs in #Israeli attacks on #Gaza

Names of Martyrs in Israeli continious aggression on Gaza
1. Ahmad al-Jaabari
2. Muhammad al-Hums
3. Ranan Arafat (child)
4. Omar Mashharawi (child)
5. Isam Abu al-Miza
6. Muhammad al-Kaseih
7. Hiba Mashharawi Turk (pregnant woman)
8. Mahmoud Abu Sawawin (elderly man)

Thursday, Nov. 15
9. Habis Masmah
10. Wael al-Ghalban
11. Hisham al-Ghalban
12. Mina Scharf (woman)
13. Aharon Smadja
14. Itzik Amsalem
15. Rani Hammad
16. Khalid Abu al-Nasr
17. Marwan Abu al-Qumsan (elderly man)
18. Walid Abadla (child)
19. Hanin Tafish (infant)
20. Uday Jamal Nasse
r21. Tareq Jamal Nasser
22. Faris Basyouni (child)

Friday, Nov. 16
23. Muhammad Iyad Saadallah (child)
24. Ayman al-Abid Abu Warda
25. Tahrir Suleiman (woman)
26. Ismail Qandi
l27. Younis Kamil Tafish
28. Muhammad Suleiman
29. Amjad Abu Jalal
30. Ziad Abu Jalal
31. Ahmad Abu Jalal
32. Hasan al-Heilma
33. Khalid al-Shayer

Saturday, Nov. 17
34. Ayman Salim
35. Ahmad Abu Masmah
36. Mukhlis Udwan
37. Abdul-Rahman al-Misri
38. Muhammad al-Lolahi
39. Awad al-Nahha
l40. Ali Abdul-Hakim Manama
41. Osama Abdul-Jawwad
42. Ashraf Darwish
43. Ahmad al-Atrash
44. Muhammad Yasin
45. Osama al-Qady
46. Ali Bin Iseid
47. Muhammad Aydat
48. Samaher Qidih (woman)
49. Ahmad Salim bin Saed
50. Hani Abed al-Majid Druaim
51. Tamer al-Hamri

Sunday, Nov. 18
52. Tamer Abu Asaifan (child)
53. Jumana Abu Asaifan (child)
54. Eyad Abu Khousa (child)
55. Nawal Abed al-All (woman)
56. Ahmad Nahhal57. Tasneem Nahhal (child)
58. Saadiyya al-Theib (woman)
59. Muhammad Abu Naqira
60. Samah al-Dalou (woman)
61. Ranim al-Dalou (woman)
62. Suheila al-Dalou (woman)
63. Tahani Hassouna al-Dalou (woman)
64. Ibrahim al-Dalou (child)
65. Abdullah al-Miznar
66. Sarah al-Dalou (child)
67. Jamal al-Dalou (child)
68. Yousef al-Dalou (child)
69. Ameena al-Miznar (woman)
70. Sami al-Faqir
71. Suheil Hammad
72. Muamin Hammad (child)
73. Atiyyeh Mubarak
74. Husam Abu Shawish
75. Nabil Abu Amrah
76. Ahmad Abu Amrah
77. Hussein Jalal Nasr (child)
78. Sabha Muhawish al-Hashash (woman)
79. Mahmoud Sami Shaath
80. Ahmad Hussein Agha
81. Saif al-Sadiq

Monday, Nov. 19
82. Muhammed Iyad Abu Zour (child)
83. Nisma Abu Zour (woman)
84. Ahed Al-Qatati (woman)
85. Sahar Abu Zour (woman)
86. Muhammad Salameh Jundi
87. Jalal Nasr
88. Imad Abu Hamda
89. Rama al-Shandi (child)
90. Tamer Bashir
91. Amin al-Bashir
92. Rashid Abu Amrah
93. Omar al-Astal (child)
94. Ibrahim al-Astal
95. Abdul-Rahman Muhammad al-Attar
96. Mahmoud Said Abu Khatir
97. Abdullah Harb Abu Khatir
98. Muhammad Riyad Shamlakh
99. Ramadan Mahmoud
100. Husam Abdul Jawwad
101. Ramiz Harb
102. Ayed Radi
103. Amir al-Malah
104. Salem Bulus Swelim
105. Arkan Abu Kmayel
106. Ibrahim Al-Hawajri
107. Mohammad Zeidan
108. Khalil Shahadeh
109. Husam Shahadeh
110. Mohammad Hijazi (child)
111. Suhaib Hijazi (child)
112. Foad Hijazi
113. Amna Hijazi (woman)
114. Ahmad Tawfiq al-Nasasra (child)
115. Muhammad al Nasasra (child)
116. Rishdi Al Tamimi
117. Hamdi Falah
118. Ahmad Isma’el

Tuesday, Nov. 20
120. Mohammad Rezeq al-Zahar
121. Akram Marouf
122. Bilal al-Barawi
123. Yahya Mohammad Awad (child)
124. Ahmad Daghmash
125. Yet unnamed Israeli civilian
126. Yosef Partok
127. Abdul-Rahman Hamad
128. Muhammad Badr
129. Subhi Dughmush
130. Salah Dughmush
131. Ahmad Dughmush
132. Mahmoud al-Koumi (journalist)
133. Husam Salameh (journalist)
134. Hasan Yousif al-Ustath
135. Abdullah Asaliyeh
136. Eliyan Salem el-Nabari
137. Yosef Nachman Partok

5 Lies the Media Keeps Repeating About #Gaza

Nov 20, 2012 0 comments

5 Lies the Media Keeps Repeating About Gaza

huffingtonpost.comNov 19th 2012 2:34 PM

As Israel continues to pound Gaza, the Palestinian death toll of the latest round of violence has crossed the 100 mark. Thus far, the American media has given Israeli officials and spokespersons a free pass to shape the narrative of this conflict with falsehoods. Here are the top 5 lies the media doesn't challenge about the crisis in Gaza:

1. Israel Was Forced to Respond to Rockets to Defend Its Citizens

CNN, like many other American outlets, chose to begin the story of the latest round of violence in Gaza on November 10th, when 4 Israeli soldiers were wounded by Palestinian fire, and the IDF "retaliated" by killing several Palestinians. But just two days before, a 13 year old Palestinian boy was killed in an Israeli military incursion into Gaza (among other fatalities in preceding days). Is there any reason why those couldn't be the starting point of the "cycle of violence"? The bias was even more blatant in 2008/09, when Israel's massive assault on Gaza (which killed 1400+ Palestinians) was cast as self-defense, even though it was acknowledged in passing that Israel was the party that broke the ceasefire agreement in place at the time. Are the Palestinians not entitled to self-defense? And if indiscriminate Palestinian rocket fire is not an acceptable response to Israeli violence (which it absolutely isn't), how can indiscriminate Israeli bombings of Gaza ever be acceptable? And why is the broader context, the fact that Gaza remains under Israeli blockade and military control, overlooked?

2. Israel Tries to Avoid Civilian Casualties

It must be aggravating for Israel's propagandists when high-ranking political officials slip and get off the sanitized/approved message for public consumption. Yesterday, Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai said the "goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages." Not to be outdone, Gilad Sharon, son of former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, said "we need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza." If you're thinking this is just rhetoric, consider the fact that, according to Amnesty International, Israel "flattened... busy neighborhoods" into "moonscapes" during its last major assault on Gaza in 2008/09. And it wasn't just human rights organizations that were exposing Israeli war crimes in Gaza, but Israeli soldiers whose conscience could not bear to remain silent about the atrocities they had committed were also coming forward.

If, for some odd reason, you cannot decide whether it is official Israeli spokespersons or soldiers of conscience and human rights investigators who are telling the truth, consider this question: If Hamas has only managed to kill 3 people despite being bent on killing civilians with thousands of indiscriminate rockets, how has Israel managed to kill several dozen Palestinian civilians when it is using sophisticated precision weapons to avoid civilian casualties? In just one Israeli attack yesterday, Israel killed more Palestinian civilians in a matter of minutes than the total number of all Israelis killed by rocket fire from Gaza over the last 3 years. The truth is exposed by the utter disregard for civilian life we see in practice, reaffirmed by testimonies and investigative evidence.

3. This Is About Security

If Israel's main objective were indeed to end the rocket fire from Gaza, all it had to do was accept the truce offered by the Palestinian factions before the Jabari assassination. And if the blockade of Gaza was just about keeping weapons from coming in, why are Palestinian exports from Gaza not allowed out? Why were food items ever restricted? The truth is, this isn't about security; it's about punishing the population of Gaza for domestic Israeli political consumption. When Gilad Sharon recommended the decimation of Gaza, he justified it by saying "the residents of Gaza are not innocent, they elected Hamas." Sharon may find this posturing to be rewarding in some circles, but it's actually the very same logic used by terrorists to attack civilians in democracies. Are Israeli civilians considered legitimate targets of violence because they elected right wing Israeli leaders who commit atrocities against the Palestinians? Of course not, and only a broken moral compass can keep this principle from consistently applying to Palestinian civilians as well.

4. Hamas Is the Problem

Between their religious right-wing domestic agenda, and their refusal to renounce violence against civilians, I'm most certainly no fan of Hamas. But whenever you hear Israel try to scapegoat Hamas for the crisis in Gaza, there are two things to consider. First, Hamas hasn't only showed preparedness to have a truce with Israel if Israel ended its attacks on Gaza, but has also suggested (though with mixed signals) that it is open to a two-state solution. Second, and more importantly, Hamas didn't come to power until 2006/07. Between 1993 and 2006 (13 years), Israel had the more moderate, peaceful, and pliant Palestinian authority (which recognizes Israel and renounces violence) to deal with as a partner for peace. What did Israel do? Did it make peace? Or did it continue to occupy Palestinian land, violate Palestinian rights, and usurp Palestinian resources? What strengthened Hamas and other extremists in Palestine is precisely the moderates' failure to secure any Palestinian rights through cooperation and negotiations. The truth is entirely inverted here: it is Israel's escalating violations of Palestinian rights which strengthen the extremists.

5. There is a Military Solution to this Conflict

This is not the first time, and probably not the last, that Israel has engaged in a military campaign to pummel its opponents into submission. But are we any closer to ending this conflict today after decades of violence? The answer is a resounding no. After the 2006 war in Lebanon, Hezbollah emerged stronger. After the 2009 war on Gaza, Hamas remained in power and maintained possession of thousands of rockets. Israel's military superiority, while indeed impressive (thanks to $30 billion in U.S. military aid this decade), is not stronger than the Palestinian will to live in dignity. The way to end the firing of rockets in the short term is to agree to a truce and end the blockade of Gaza. The way to resolve the entire conflict in the long term is to end Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and allow the Palestinians to exercise their right to self-determination. We're probably close to a ceasefire agreement to end this round of violence. The real challenge is ending the Israeli occupation for long-term peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians.

Electronic Advocacy #GazaUnderAttack using Social Media & New Media!

Nov 19, 2012 0 comments

Electronic Advocacy #GazaUnderAttack using Social Media & New Media!

Dear Social Media Activists, New Media Activists, bloggers, Multimedia workers, Citizen Media people any & to any whom be concerned!

We have to improve the content on the internet about the Israeli escalation on The Gaza Strip, and the daily updates also about the clashes in West-bank and 48 territories in the historical Palestine!

Its not enough to publish that a rocket out from Gaza, and a ten has bombed in Gaza by the Israeli war machines!

Everyone who has the ability to create an organized news .. Do it!

The most important things in Electronic Media (The Attached media( Which are Photos & Videos!

If you weren't sure of some of an important information you want share it or you were feeling it some doubtful: Mention That! ex: ("Unconfirmed news ...")

Make your own photo or video shooting footage whether by your phone or your digital camera, First Make sure you are Safe!

The final step!
DO NOT EVER MENTION A LOCATION FOR ROCKETS OUT FROM #Gaza if you saw it launched! .. Because such a moment, you might be the reason of shelling your home and your neighbors' home by the Israeli airstrikes.

Be Safe!

Just some points, all of us should take care of that.
P.S: The Israeli Media going forward more than the News and updates talking about destruction in Gaza!

Please, Sharing is Caring

المناصرة الالكترونية خلال التصعيد الاسرائيلي على قطاع #غزة


اصدقائي الناشطين في مجال الاعلام الاجتماعي، الاعلام الجديد، الاعلام والصحافة الالكترونية والاعلامي المدني

يتوجب علينا المساهمة في زيادة محتوى الانترنت الخاص بالتصعيد الحالي على قطاع غزة والاشتباكات التي تحصل في الضفة الغربية والاراضي المحتلة مع الجيش الاسرائيلي

لا يكفي ان نقول طلع صاروخ وضربنا صاروخ!

يتوجب لمن لديه المقدرة على صناعة الخبر بشكله الكامل المتكامل، ان يقوم بذلك

اهم ما في الاخبار الالكترونية، العناصر المساعدة، وهي ارفاق الصورة او الفيديو مع الخبر

بجانب تحديد مصدر الخبر،
واذا لم يتم التأكيد، اذكر ذلك!

اصنع صورتك او الفيديو بهاتفك او كاميرتك الخاصة، مع اخذ الحيطة

اخر نقطة واهم نقطة!!
عدم ذكر منطقة او موقع انطلاق صواريخ المقاومة ان رايتها، لانه في هذه اللحظة انت السبب في دمار القصف لبيتك او بيت جيرانك!

اتمنى لكم جميعاً السلامة والامان

مجرد نصائح مهمة، لان الاعلام الاسرائيلي الالكتروني متقدم علينا حتى هذه اللحظة بكثير

الرجاء النشر للافادة


Nov 18, 2012 0 comments


                                TELECOMIX #GAZA EMERGENCY ROOM

Telecomix IRC: https://chat.wnh.me/?channels=gaza&uio=d4


Raids are ongoing and a lot stronger than before.
One theory says they're planning for a (very) big raid so they want to cut internet off to prevent covering it to the outside world

Egyptian SIM card:

If you have an Egyptian cellular card (Vodafone/Mobinil/Etisalat) you can use it to access internet from your phone or tablet since the Egyptian networks can be captured from Gaza

How to use Dial up numbers to stay connected:

Telecomix Dial up Numbers: 

Important: The Telecomix dialups are not secure and do not protect from wiretapping of your communications. It is still important to proceed with precaution and encrypt the data.

Visit this link for dial up numbers:

Note: Since the number of lines is limited, do not use them if you don't need to!

- French free isp FDN (about 100 lines):  +33172890150 (login/pass: toto/toto)

- German free Free.de (about 35 lines).  +4923184048 (login/pass: telecomix/telecomix)

- Swedish isp Gotanet (about 30 lines atm, can expand services) : +46708671911 (login/pass: toto/toto)

- Belgium Edpnet: +32022750640 (login/pass: free.edpnet/ free)  

- Netherlands Edpnet: +31676002000 (login/pass: free.edpnet/ free)

netherlands +31205350535 and the username/password are xs4all

Important links:

Use Twitter Via Text Message: 

Get Twitter messages redirected to your phone and send Tweets by text. Make sure to link your mobile phone to your Twitter account and locate the Twitter short code for your country. Then you can send a text message containing your Tweet to that short code and it will be posted to your profile.

Info: http://support.twitter.com/articles/14589-how-to-add-your-phone-via-sms
Palestinian Terrority Shortcodes: 
Wataniya: 40404
Jawwal 37373

If you use one of the phone services listed above, text START to the shortcode to sign into your Twitter account. 

Gaza Videos:

Martyred in Gaza - a documentary

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/operation-pillar-of-cloud - @HarryFear providing live updates, location: Gaza. 

Anonymous Radio Updates:
                                CONFIGURING AND USING DIAL-UP (WINDOWS)

Configuring Dial-Up Connections
Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Network and Internet Connections.
Click Create a connection to the network at your office.
In the Location Information dialog box, enter the appropriate information. Click OK, and then click OK to close thePhone and Modem Options dialog box and start the New Connection wizard.
In the New Connection Wizard, click Dial-up connection, and then click Next.
Type a name for the network to which you are connecting (such as "My Office Network"), and then click Next.
Type the phone number for the network to which you are connecting, including, if necessary, the area code and "1" prefix.
Specify whether you want this connection to be available for anyone's use, meaning for any user on this computer, or for your use only, meaning only for the user who is now logged on.
Specify whether you want a shortcut to the connection on your desktop.
Click Finish.
Using Dial-Up Connections
Click Start, click Connect To, and the click the connection that you want to use.
In the User Name box, type your user name.
In the Password box, type your password.
Choose one of the following options:
To save the user name and password so that you will not have to type them in the future, select the Save this user name and password for the following users check box.
If you want only the current user to have access to the saved user name and password, select the Me only check box.
If you want all users to have access to the user name and password, select the Anyone who uses this computercheck box.
Click Dial.

                                CONFIGURING AND USING DIAL-UP (MAC)

Configure Mac OS X
From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
From the View menu, choose Network.
Choose "Internal Modem" from the Show pop-up menu (or the "Configure" pop-up menu prior to Mac OS X v10.1). 
If your computer does not have a built-in modem, select your external modem.

Mac OS X v10.5 or later: From the Configuration pop-up menu, choose Add Configuration.
Mac OS X 10.4.x or earlier: Click the PPP tab.
Enter your information into the relevant fields. Your username goes in the Account Name field, for example. If you want to copy this connection information to other user accounts on this computer, select "Save password".
You should now be able to connect. If you need to configure DNS servers or other advanced settings, continue to the next step.
Mac OS X v10.5 or later: Click the Advanced button, then click the DNS tab.
Mac OS X v10.4 or earlier: Click the TCP/IP tab. Choose either PPP or Manually from the Configure pop-up menu, as instructed by your Internet service provider. If configuring manually, type the IP address in the matching field.
Type the DNS server addresses in their field if necessary (click the "+" button first in Mac OS X v10.5 or later).
Click OK.
Click Apply (or Apply Now for Mac OS X v10.4 or earlier).

Connect and verify
Mac OS X v10.5 or later: Open Network preferences (in System Preferences).
Mac OS X v10.4.x or earlier: Open Internet Connect (from the Applications folder).
Be sure the Configuration pop-up menu is set to your modem.
Click the Connect button.
Once you're connected, open a Web browser or other Internet application to make sure your connection works.
Tip: You can have Mac OS X automatically connect to the Internet whenever you open an Internet application.


خمسين سبب مقنع لكل فتاة .. يجعلها لاترتبط بمصمم جرافيك D:

Sep 2, 2012 0 comments

خمسين سبب مقنع لكل فتاة .. يجعلها لاترتبط بمصمم جرافيك D:

1) شخصياتهم غريبه جدا.
2) هنالك الملايين منهم في العالم تماما كالالوان في شاشة حاسوبك.
3) يقومون بتحليل المحادثات وتفيصيلها الي طبقات.
4) ستقضين اليوم بالكامل في أعادة تريب أثاث المنزل.
5) يتناولون كل المشروبات والأكلات الغريبة لمجرد أنهم أعجبو بتصيميم العلبه.
6) يكرهون بعضهم البعض.
7) مجبورة أن تشاهدي أحدث الافلام حتى نهايه الفلم كي يتمكن من معرفة أماكن التصوير وما إلى ذلك.
8) لايستطيع الواحد منهم أن يغيير حتى المصباح دون رسم أسكتش سريع.
9) يعبثون بجميع الطاولات الجميلة برسوماتهم الانيقة.
10) يقوم بدراسة كل تفاصيل فستانك الجميله بدلا من أن يصغي لما تقولين.
11) يقومون بتعبئة منزلك بكل المجلات والكتب الغريبة التي تحتوي على رسومات عجيبة.
12) لاتسطيعين أن تحكمي من أن حياتك حقيقة أم صورة.
13) يقومون بجمع قصاصات صغيرة من صورك لعمل لوحة كولاج.
14) لايدرك ماتقصدين الا أذا كان في مستند نص.
15) يكنون كل الاحترام لأشخاص لا يعرفونهم بمجرد أنهم مدحوا في أعمالهم.
16) يقومون بالتقاط صور غريبه مقصوصة ومن زوايا مجهوله تقريبا كل يوم.
17) يطلب رائيك في كل شئ يقوم به ولكنه لايأخذ الا برائيه هو.
18) كل شيئ في حياتهم أما محاذا يمينا أوشمالا .
19) يكرهون مسلسلات الكبار ولا يشاهدو الا كارتون
20) يستخدمون الأنترنت في كل شيء في حياتهم.
21) لا يمكنك تزيين المنزل من دون التشاور معهم.
22) انهم يسرقون أفكارهم من لافتات الشوارع.
23) دائما يحملون بين أيديهم رسومات وأشياء أخرى.
24) يقومون بشراء الدمى التي لم تنته بعد كي يقوموا بالتعديلات عليها.
25) كل شيء يصبح شيئا آخر غير ما هو عليه في الحقيقة
26) إذا جادلتيه، سوف يطلق عليك أسم OSX
27) لا يعرف كيف يلبس دون أن يستشير كتاب بانتون.
28) جميعه يكرهون برنامج إكسل.
29) يقرأون القصص المصورة.
30) يريدون انقاذ العالم فقط في تصميم بوستر واحد.
31) يجعلك طوال اليوم في عصف ذهني.
32) في العطل، يأخذك إلى بلدان غير معروفة، ولاول مرة تسمعي بها.
33) المتاحف بيتهم الثاني.
34) يعرفون أكثر من منصب.
35) لا يمكنهم الذهاب إلى أي مطعم دون نقد قائمة المنيو
36) يستمعون إلى موسيقى لم يسمع بها أحد قط.
37) عند الطهي، لا يقوموا بطهي الاطباق العادية، بل يحبوا أن يقوموا بتجارب خلط عناصر جديدة.
38) يقرأون الكتب النادرة : قصص للأطفال ، السيميائية...
39) عندما تقولي له شيئا لايسرة، يقرائها جميع أصدقائة في الفيس بوك والتويتر.
40) يقوموا بشراء اخر اصدار من الأي بود قبل نزولها السوق.
41) نشوتهم، عندما يسمعوا أن شركة أدوبي قد أنزلت اصدار جديد.
42) لديهم محلاتهم الخاصة، وهي الأغلى في المدينة.
43) قد ينفقق كل ما لدية في جيبة في متجر أبل.
44) يرون الأشياء من منظورهم الخاص.
45) ينظرون إلى الاشياء العادية ويضحكون بصوت عالي ومخيف.
46) قد تستيقظي ذات ليلة على صراخهم "متى الموعد النهائي للعمل؟"
47) يرون الـ CMYK و RGB مثلما ترى النيو الماتريكس.
48) يحلمون باليوم الموعود لتصاميمهم.
49) قد يدفعوا مبلغ هائل في شراء "خط" جديد بدلا من هدية عيد ميلاد جميلة.
50)يشعرون بالنعاس الدائم وذلك لانهم يعملون على مدار الـ 24 ساعه طوال الاسبوع

GAZA Tonight - Rain - Thunder - Snow - Beauty [HD]

Jan 17, 2012 0 comments

#Olive Harvest C.S in #Gaza

Dec 20, 2011 0 comments

Olive Harvest C.S in Gaza